Frequently Asked Questions

Drilling water wells takes expertise and knowledge to do it correctly and with safety in mind. Hill Country Water Well Drilling has over 65 years of experience to do just that for our customers. These FAQs touch on some initial questions many have. If you do not see an answer to your question, use the form to share your question with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your work come with a warranty?

Yes, our newly drilled wells come with a 2-year warranty.  Our motto is to do it right the first time, but things do happen and if they do we will be there to do the repair.

How deep will my well have to be?

The depth of the well depends on where you are located and the type of well needed.  For example, irrigation wells are not as deep as residential wells.  Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

How long does it take to drill a water well?

That would depend on the depth that is needed and the type of rock encountered.  We have drilled more than 200 wells in the Hill Country, and we give accurate time estimates with the quote. 

How do you know where to put a well?

Our 65+ years of experience and over 200 wells drilled in the Hill Country give us the expertise to place your well properly.  There are areas where dry holes have been encountered.

What sort of clearance do your trucks need?

Extreme care is taken when moving large equipment onto any site.  The well site must have no power lines or trees obstructing the movement of equipment.  Our experienced crew will guide you through the process.          

How does a well work?

Many aspects need to be considered for a well to function properly… Learn More

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