Conservation District Announces Well Restrictions

 We have not received normal rain in our area this year.  Rainfall by July 6 totaled 4.79 inches, compared to 14.23 inches in 2021.  The Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District has announced due to the lack of rainfall we are in a Stage 4 drought and restrictions are being imposed to all well owners.  Due to these restrictions the following rules apply:

* Irrigation of landscaped areas limited to 8 pm to 10 am

* Watering must be done by handheld hose or bucket or drip irrigation

* Automatic Sprinklers are prohibited at all times

* No washing of buildings, sidewalks or any other hard surface

* No pumping of groundwater into ponds or reservoirs for the purpose of enhancing landscape

* No washing vehicles other than commercial car wash use

* Filling swimming pools is prohibited 



– Run only full loads of dishes and laundry

– Take short showers instead of baths

– Fix leaky pipes, faucets and toilets

– Install water efficient showerheads and aerators

– Turn the water off while brushing teeth and shaving

– Collect unused water into plastic bottles for drinking and watering plants indoors

– Cover pools and spas when not in use to prevent evaporation

– Use drought tolerant plants and shrubs

– Use mulch in flower beds or barren soil areas.  Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil

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Frequently Asked Questions

Checklist for Well Owners: 

  1. Always use a licensed water well driller and pump installer.
  2. Perform an annual water test for a minimum of bacteria.
  3. Test your water any time there is a change in taste, odor, or appearance or if someone is pregnant or ill.
  4. Keep hazardous chemicals, such as paint, fertilizer or pesticides, and motor oil away from your well.
  5. Periodically check the wellhead or the cap on top of the casing to ensure it is in good repair.
  6. Confirm your well is properly separated from waste systems or chemical storage areas.
  7. Take care in working or mowing around your well.
  8. Always keep good well records including maintenance and repairs.

Reasons for having a storage tank system:

  1. On-demand fresh water
  2. Extends life of the well pump
  3. Available for fire suppression
  4. Water storage for low yield wells and dry seasons

Call us for further information. 

Conservation Tips:

Check your well pump function periodically.

If the pump turns on and off while water is not being used, you have a leak!

Plant native!

Once established native plants will survive the dry periods.

Irrigation systems...

Install irrigation devices that are the most water-efficient (soaker hoses)

Retain soil moisture...

Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil.

On garden hoses...

Use a shutoff nozzle on the hose that can be adjusted.

Appliance use...

Only use your dishwasher and washing machine with full loads.

While brushing your teeth...

Don’t run the faucet while you brush your teeth.

Well Records...

Always keep good well records, including maintenance and repairs.

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